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    Vegetarian at the Ethiopian food

    The Ethiopian food have a very special healthy vegetarian and any type of eater can enjoy it.  If you are into the vegetarian side, this food is right up your pathway. Ethiopian food is perfect for the vegetarian or any other type of food intolerant eater. Most of the dishes that are served are vegetarian, so if you have a myriad of different eaters in your group everyone will find a little of something to enjoy. Come try out our Ethiopian food at the north side market in Fredericton and experience the flavorful atmosphere no matter the type of eater you and your family members may be; we are always opened…

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    Is Lentil really source of Protein?

    The Ethiopian food is serving a fresh and healthy dishes at the north side market of Fredericton. As we know all, Protine is an essential nutrient needed to maintain and repair the cells in our body; it also plays a key role in healthy weight management, according to a review published in 2008 in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Lentil is one of the best source of protein that provide you with a significant amount of your daily protein requirements. The Institute of Medicine suggests men need 56 grams of protein and women require at least 46 grams of protein daily. But if you’re pregnant, nursing or work out regularly,…

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    How to make Engera from Teff and its benefits

    The first thing you need is large pancake pan or large frying pan, large pot deep mixing bowls.   1.25lb Teff flour, cups of water and about 2pkt yeast.  In a large pot dissolve yeast in warm water and add the flour mixture and mix. Leave covered for 2 days until fermentation begins and water rises to the to. Carefully discard the water. boil cups of water. Take 1 cup of the mixture, put in the boiling water. place on a warm stove and stir continuously until it becomes thick. cool and pour back into the original pot. Add more water, cover and let stand till the mixture rises. Preheat pancake pan…