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Tours and Culture

Ethiopia is a hidden gem and unknown to most people; the cultural variety, which is a result of immense tribal differences, can be seen among the individual tribes who are rich in culture and a variety of dialects. Ethiopia has magnificent scenery which is pleasure to explore overland and is ideal for trekking. Whenever you visit Ethiopia, You will experience yourself as part of different culture including eating variety of foods, relating in a different fashion with multi languages  and moving at different speed of the year, months and dates. Ethiopians have different exposure of the world including different historical of the past.

Weather is not a big topic in Ethiopia as most of the time sunny clear sky with average temperature of 25 degree; this period of time is considered the dry season as rainfall is at its lowest. If you are heading to the countryside, the period between September to October is the best time to visit as the landscapes are lushly pretty after all the rain and the blue sky Ethiopia takes you in to the commonly known tribal ring.