Ethiopian sociable food

Experts figured out that it’s not only what we’re eating that matters for our wellbeing but also how we eat.  Some countries including Mediterranean, Japan and Ethiopia use their hand to eat  their daily food tend to emphasize eating as a social occasion and as a sacred time for relaxation or celebration to be enjoyed with loved ones.

Ethiopians by virtue of their national dish, have a distinctly communal style of eating; Injera and wat are laid out on large platters and groups gather around to share from the same dish. Ethiopians eat with their hands, tearing off chucks of injera to pick up dollops of spicy stew. It is also customary for Ethiopians to feed each other in this way presumably so companions can sample wat dishes that are out of reach on the other side of the platter. This traditional way of eating predates the founding of Ethiopia itself and remains an important way to demonstrate camaraderie in the country to this day.

By Hana Ethiopian food.





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