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Ethiopian coffee Ceremony


Fresh unroasred                    After roasted                       Ready to serve. 

Did you know Ethiopian coffee Traditionally performed by the lady of a household as a mark of respect and of great social importance among Ethiopians? The coffee ceremony is as much about the specific preparation as it is a culture. Friends and neighbours will gather at all hours of the day to share local news and gossip over the steaming hot cups, and imbibers will come and go as cups are distributed out by the woman preparing them.

The brewing process may be different from any you’ve seen before. First, green (unroasted) coffee beans are carefully browned in a shallow pan over a flame, followed grounding by hand with a mortar and pestle style contraption. The grounds are then boiled with hot water in a clay pot called a jebena, and served in tiny cups, typically alongside freshly popped popcorn. Often the grounds are brewed three times and enjoyed over lovely conversation with friends/family and neighbours.


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